The Best Books on Casino Gambling

Although luck-based games steal the show in a casino – whether land-based or the online casinos, the essence of playing skill-based games and winning money over it, takes players to another dimension, hence, this could be one of the primary reasons, people love to play the skill-based games, despite the hard work that ought to go behind learning the game.

There are several ways to learn a casino gambling game.  The best ways are to watch the videos on Youtube or other online gambling sites that depict full explanations of the game. You could also learn from watching your friends a family play. However, all these methods go in vain when you compare them to the undefined strategy of reading and learning from books.

Most of the casinos gambling books available in today’s market are written by seasoned players and scholars that are saturated with the utmost knowledge in the field. Although these may not be listed in the “must-read” section of the libraries and online sites, they’re an epitome of knowledge for anyone who wishes to learn something about their favourite games at a casino.

In this article, we’ve jotted n down the best books to get you started.

Gambling 102

There are times when the novices or the new gambling lovers, cram the rules of the game but are generally unaware of how to put them to fair use. This book is for all those mediocre players that are struggling to get out of their world of textbook knowledge. The book comprises of 19 comprise, precise and neatly designed chapters that talks about concepts like house edge, and beating the odds in every game. Michael Shackleford is the author of the book, and he is an expert in mathematics and statics is. He has jotted down some of his findings in this book as well.

Bringing Down the House

This book was recently published in 2002. Ben Mezrich writes it, and it is one of the books that inspired the making of the movie called Blackjack 21, that was released in 2008. The MIT students are great at maths and engineering, and the book talks about how these students, along with the help of their professor, break the code of the game blackjack and invent the system of card counting. Using this strategy, they make nearly $3million from every casino they enter. Many of the readers and reviewers of the book, consider this to be a genuine concept. Most of the people and critics who skimmed through the book also thought it to be a nonfictional crap. Despite all the criticism the book received, it was still converted into a movie that was a massive success in the box office. It talks about the intelligent ways in which the novices, as well as the seasoned players, can beat the odds at the house.

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